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The Place to Rent U-Haul Trucks

Fricke Hardware & Rental in Columbia, Pennsylvania, is your source for U-Haul trucks. As an authorized U-Haul dealer, we offer truck rentals at base rates per day, plus mileage.

U-Haul Truck

Affordable Rates

A 10-foot U-Haul truck is $19.95 per day. A 15- to 17-foot truck is $29.95 per day, and the 20- to 26-foot option is $39.95 per day. We also have car dollies, open and closed trailers, and trailer hitches through U-Haul.

Rental Equipment

We also offer a ton of great equipment to rent, including concrete saws, the little beaver post-hole digger, aerators, plate tampers, drain snakes, log splitters, and concrete mixers. When you have a project that requires specialized equipment, we're the place to come to.